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Engraving Your Wood Watch

Guidelines For Standard Engraving 

Standard Engraving allows you to personalize different features on each design (eg. your name or a word, coordinates, initials, date).

The features that you are allowed to personalize depends on the standard engravings provided. (eg. some designs only allow a name to be engraved, some designs only allow initials and date to be engraved.)

Instructions are provided in the "How to Engrave" portion of the listing descriptions. The font used will be the font seen in the listing you purchase from.

As they are just simple words, no mock up will be provided for these engravings.

Please ensure that you spell the name/word/date/initials that you want engraved correctly.

Engraved items cannot be returned/refunded. 

Guidelines For Custom Engraving

Custom Engraved products can be purchased by selecting "Custom Engravings" under "Our Catalog" in the main menu.

We send you mock ups of your design before engraving your item and will work closely with you to achieve the design that you want! 

Engraving words

As the engraving surface area for the Vinyl series watches is small (3cm diameter), please try to limit engravings to 20-25 characters including spaces.

This is to ensure optimal engraving clarity (subject to selected design).

Vinyl Series Watches include:

The Ivory

The Carmine

The Ebony

If, you'd like more characters engraved, I will be happy to work with you to find an engraving or format that is suitable for your engraving. Mock ups will be provided after purchase.

Engraving Images/Photographs 

Do note that for engravings that include a design/image/photograph, less characters will be able to fit (subject to selected design). 

As the caseback of the watch has limited space, we recommend using simple designs with thick lines for the best result, do feel free message us and we would be happy to help!

For longer messages or more intricate designs, I recommend purchasing the Skin & Grain Classica Series Watches instead, or purchasing the wood box upgrade along with your Vinyl Series watch and engraving your message on the wood box instead.

After selecting an engraving

We will send you a mock-up to confirm your design and will work with you to achieve your desired engraving. Please reply within 2 days if you’d like to change or edit your design. Engraved items cannot be returned/refunded. 

In a case of non-response, Skin And Grain reserves the right to engrave the box or watch as per the last mock-up sent to the customer.